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Fellowship in Christian Stewardship

The Fellowship in Christian Stewardship is a strategic partnership between Missio Dei Ministry Services and KEPHA Resources. These two firms have come together to provide a complete turnkey annual stewardship program, which includes not only consulting services but all printing of newsletters and associated communication materials.

KEPHA RESOURCES, INC., ​a leader in the production of communication media and materials for churches and non-profit organizations for over 25 years together in strategic partnership with MISSIO DEI MINISTRY SERVICES with its vast experience in Christian Stewardship have together develop a strategic process that allows a group of churches, a fellowship, to share the cost of this valuable expertise while retaining many of the traits of the individually tailored congregational program.

Variable Data Publishing​​ is a system perfected at KEPHA™ for church communications where the use of membership information allows for the church to uniquely tailor each Stewardship message based on the makeup of each household, the type of giving record of that household, and any number of other areas that have the potential to inspire members to discover how God works in their lives through their church. The people of KEPHA™ guide each client through the entire process from the very beginning until the last set of materials is produced.

Developing the Strategy used in the VDP process begins with the broad stewardship experience of MISSIO DEI MINISTRY SERVICES. The best technology will not work without a strategy to implement. MISSIO DEI MINISTRY SERVICES understands the capability of the KEPHA™ VDP technology and has long-term experience in structuring both capital and annual budgeting efforts using it.

FELLOWSHIP IN CHRISTIAN STEWARDSHIP (FCS), is the result of this partnership. It is a uniquely dynamic opportunity for a group of congregations to build an ongoing culture of stewardship within their different communities. The FCS process guides each community along their own unique path as a strategy is developed and each piece of communication material is adapted to the individual congregation.

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